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13 Dec 2014

Storefront Underway!

We're happy to announce that we will soon have a large storefront brick and mortar building in the near future! We will be located right across from the Baseball Stadium on River Drive and right next to the Centennial Bridge on and of ramp. (More details to come.) We've been spending the last few months stocking up on items as we come across them. Let's put it this way I'm not able to park in my garage because we're too full of furniture pieces. Our store will have a workshop area, area for classes and of course our retail front where we showcase our goods.

In the sneak peak photo above you can see there is a lot of work to be done but we are absolutely in love with the bones of this building and all it's character. We hope that you'll enjoy the space as much as we do when it comes to our grand opening.

In the mean time I've been learning new techniques to teach and use on my furniture pieces. We will also be looking for vendors and specialty items to sell as well as the items we custom create. I will also be selling my custom hand stamped jewelry pieces by Lil Miss Katie's, LLC here. Between refurnishing furniture and custom jewelry creations...I'll be busy around the clock I'm sure.

Stay tuned as we will be posting more updates and details about our place here. There are a lot of big plans for this place...so more news to come as we proceed with letting you know as they come about.

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Lil Miss

Hi my name is Katie and I have been an artist ever since I was able to pick up a crayon or marker to draw something. I've taken on many roles as an artist and have enjoyed every medium I've touched from hands on painting, to the digital world of graphic design and web development and even had a successful hand-made jewelry business. My most recent venture is restoring old furniture pieces to look new again. To me painting is equivalent of having a day at the spa. I enjoy it that much! I hope you find what we do here inspiring and you come across something  you love!

Website: www.moorerefine.com
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