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04 Feb 2015

Favorite DIY Chalk Paint Recipe & Why

As I promised here is a list of Chalk Paint Recipes along with my absolute favorite and why. Who knew there would be such a difference...but there really is. You can try them all yourself or simply take my word for it.

I will tell you that I've only tried a couple of options but I did a lot of research online and when I tried it the second time around I knew it was it. I'll be hard pressed to want to try anything else. To be honest until I came across the Farmhouse Paint...I didn't like anything else out there. The famous Annie Sloan Paint I had spent a $100 on 5 small tester sizes to find out that I didn't like the coverage nearly as much as my homemade option. I even like the finishing texture better...it feels a bit rough but can always be sanded to a smooth silky finish.

These are the most popular ones I have found...the first two I have not tried yet myself but will only to be able to add my personal thoughts to these mixes.

Unsanded Grout...I've heard that the grout can be a bit pricey if you are looking to just purchase this to make paint with. It seems it's best if you already have this stuff at home. However it can be found at any hardware store. If you live out of town a ways...there's always online. Biggest downside to this is having to wait and you'll also have to pay for shipping of course.

Here is a blog that is utilizing this recipe using Martha Steward Paint along with before and afters used on a bar stool: http://www.momtastic.com/diy/172917-diy-chalk-qstyleq-paint/

Pink Chalk Painted Bar stool with Unsanded Grout

Here's something that would be readily available and would be a common house hold item that most anyone would have. I have yet to try it...I've read people using this option had great results. Best part is it's super inexpensive and probably the least expensive out of all the options.

Here's a blog that shows a dresser being made over using the baking soda recipe. I think it's lovely and makes me want to this option out for myself very soon!

This was the first recipe I used as I was learning about Chalky Paint. I had nothing else to go by other than standard latex paint and primer. I did notice when mixed with primer it gets to be too thick and hard to mix. You will also want to mix the water and grout together first and then add the paint last. I immediately stopped using this option when I read that the particles from sanding this option is toxic and not something you want to inhale. I wish I would have known this before I had started on my first project where I had sanded down quite a bit. Oh boy. Live and learn. It only has #2 because it's only the second option I have tried out. I did learn Chalky Painting using this but once I discovered this last option I never went back.

Here's a wonderful tutorial that shows step by step details making and using this recipe. Check out the pictured tutorial here: http://www.iheartnaptime.net/chalk-paint/
how to make chalk paint

Here's another blog that has more than one make over done with the Plaster of Paris Recipe: http://www.isavea2z.com/homemade-chalk-paint/

Use homemade Chalk Paint to paint furniture the easy way!

By Far my favorite option and I've said it before...love this one more than Annie Sloan. Not because it's cheaper but because I love the texture and coverage of this. I can pretty much get something painted with 1 coat and a touch up layer. It's that good. I also cheat this recipe and add more of the calcium then what is directed...and like with my cooking I never measure anything. I do notice with my mixture the dried texture of the paint is rougher than paint alone but is easily fixed with a quick sand down with fine grid paper.

Here is a blog post that shows a couple of examples and the results of using my fave recipe: http://www.cedarhillfarmhouse.com/2012/01/homemade-chalk-paint-without-tears.html

This is a project I did using this recipe of course you can see details on this project and it's before and after here: http://moorerefine.com/logo/item/86-small-white-shabby-chic-table

There are several reviews on recipes that I have found that were very helpful to me. One main source is http://salvagedinspirations.com/best-homemade-chalk-paint-recipes/. She has a wonderful blog that is full of amazing tutorial on painting.

Here is another blog post and a variation of the recipes that I have listed and is actually a combination of the Plaster of Paris and Calcium Carbonate. http://inmyownstyle.com/diy-chalk-paint-recipes She also has some great visuals of her results using each one found here: http://inmyownstyle.com/diy-chalk-paint-recipes

Here is another resource with same or similar recipes along with her opinions on each one: http://howtodistressfurniture.net/how-to-make-chalk-paint-2

A very detailed blog post...homemade vs. branded: http://amyscraftbucket.blogspot.com/2013/06/chalk-paint-wars-calcium-carbonate-vs.html

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