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Lil Miss

Lil Miss

Hi my name is Katie and I have been an artist ever since I was able to pick up a crayon or marker to draw something. I've taken on many roles as an artist and have enjoyed every medium I've touched from hands on painting, to the digital world of graphic design and web development and even had a successful hand-made jewelry business. My most recent venture is restoring old furniture pieces to look new again. To me painting is equivalent of having a day at the spa. I enjoy it that much! I hope you find what we do here inspiring and you come across something  you love!

12 Jul 2024

We will soon have our stock of vintage rentable goods available. So you'll be able to utilize one of kind awesome pieces for any kind of special event! Think about how amazing your day can be decored with unique vintage and one of a kind pieces to help make your day extra memorable!

You will soon see mixture of old and new...vintage with industrial...restored and hand crafted pieces that are hard to find anywhere else but here. We're excited to be presenting my addiction to collecting all things vintage that have style and beauty with lots of character and history.

We look forward to having this service available to you here in the very near future. Feel free to check back with us to see our progression and any updates!

If there are any pieces you'd like us to be on the look out for we'll be happy to add it to our scavenger list...simply get in contact with us to let us know!

12 Jul 2024

Moore Refine, LLP goes to great lengths looking for one of a kind pieces to be restored. We look for things that are well made, have some character or charming redeeming quality and we snatch them up and bring them home with us.

We breathe new life into our found furniture by cleaning, prepping, staining, painting & upgrading hardware.

Our store has many items that have not been "refined" by us yet. Pieces that are unfinished can be purchased as they are to be refurbished by us to your specifications or to be purchased for you to make over yourself. We also will be having workshops available to be showing you exactly how to use specialty paints and products.

12 Jul 2024

We are wanting our store front filled with one of a kind pieces made by you as well as ours. So if you have some great hand crafted pieces please contact us.

We will have flat rates per month for physical space with no commissions. You will also be featured on our website and have an online presents where you normally wouldn't have anywhere else.

We are excited to be branching our services for all our wonderful local vendors to being able to sell online! Visit Market Moore! It's the simply the best way to be able to sell and buy all locally one of a kind goods online.

An example of what your online storefront will look like can be seen here: http://marketmoore.com/vendor/moore-refine/

This could be your shop >>> www.marketmoore.com/vendor/YOURBUSINESSNAME! 

You will also be placed on our social media sites and will be part of all our marketing/advertising for both printed and online!

Please feel free to get a hold of us with any questions in regards to having your items listed through our shop. We wish you much success with your craft and look forward to hearing from you to see how we can help promote your work!

12 Jul 2024

As soon as we are able to...we will be holding different creative workshops. Primarily to start with painting techniques but there will be a mixture of other creative outlets to be taught here as well such as Jewelry, Vino Van Gough and eventually photography workshops. My mind is filled with several other ideas of classes and workshops to be held here so lots more details to come with this. Please stay tuned while we get our shop in order to be able to hold these events. We will also make it easy for you to be able to pay for and register right here on our site. Keep coming back for more updates on what is to come!

12 Jul 2024

Our Vision

We are a mixture of new and old pieces that have been reclaimed to be made new again. Our focus is to find one of a kind quality hand crafted timeless pieces that show character and uniqueness. Our mission is to give our customers a memorable shopping experience that make you wanting to come back time and time again.

Why We Refurbish?

There is something about discovering old pieces of furniture to be refinished that is such a rush. It's like finding the best kept secret that's been locked up for years to then suddenly be lucky enough to stumble across such a treasure. I remember one of my first finds and knew I was hooked. To come across pieces seen to most people as ugly to only be able to view them as an item of beauty with great potential...it becomes an exciting scavenger hunt.

Then there's the act of painting something...to me it's as relaxing as a day at the spa. Seriously...I love painting...the motion of each stroke and the instant gratification of seeing something completely transformed right in front of your eyes. It's something that has now developed to become a passion.

Painting however has been my a passion of mine really since I've been old enough to pick up a paint brush with any type of coordination. Art has been my entire life in some way shape or form. However the moment I discovered my absolute love of shabby chic and all things French country...I decided to make everything else align with that. So Moore Refine, LLP was born.

Here unique one of a kind pieces will be made new again. My hope is to be able to bring out the beauty I have envision for each pieces I discover. With the help of my hubby who has an eye for rare and amazing antiques...something he's done with his father starting from a very young age, we have decided to combine our talents to find and refine all old pieces to be come new and lively again.

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what we are about. We will be working hard to get this site up and going as well as have a physical storefront for you to be able to stop out and see some of our pieces first hand. We also have plans to host classes showing you different products and techniques to help you discover your most inner artist.

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Refined Furnishings & More...

Moore Refine, LLP's online store with a brick and mortar store underway, consist of Reclaimed Furniture (new and old), Home Decore, Specialty Paints and Workshops teaching paint techniques and special craft projects.

More updates to come with the construction of our shop online and downtown Davenport. Stay tuned as we are excited to be sharing the completion of both storefronts!

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