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Lil Miss

Lil Miss

Hi my name is Katie and I have been an artist ever since I was able to pick up a crayon or marker to draw something. I've taken on many roles as an artist and have enjoyed every medium I've touched from hands on painting, to the digital world of graphic design and web development and even had a successful hand-made jewelry business. My most recent venture is restoring old furniture pieces to look new again. To me painting is equivalent of having a day at the spa. I enjoy it that much! I hope you find what we do here inspiring and you come across something  you love!

12 Jul 2024

Coming Soon! Our Online Local Flea Market! I've been diligently plugging away at creating our newest venture for Moore Refine and our vendors. Our idea is to give ease and flexibility to all local vendors that want to open up a shop online to sell their goods Locally available online 24-7 to the Quad Cities and Surrounding areas! The idea is to make it as simple and easy as possible.

If you have ever been to Etsy or are familiar with it you'll LOVE Market Moore. It will be very similar but keeping the focus to being everything local. Making Pickup or Local delivery possible opting out of having to pay huge shipping fees or buying the impossible larger furniture pieces with nation or worldwide market shops. Fall in love with shopping locally online and supporting local shops and vendors.

If you currently have a vintage store or sell from home or at the local Farmer Flea Market...here is your chance to grow your business online and make sells! It's all very simple to do. You are in charge of how much you want to to do...open your own shop and create your own listings yourself or leave the work to us! If you decide it's something you don't want to mess with but still want the online presence and opportunity to sell online...we have options to take care of your online store for you! That's right! We're even providing services of taking professional photos of your product line to even taking care of the entire transaction from payment to delivery even shipping if need be (for an additional charge). Depending on if you have the product in your store or sell through ours we'll provide the option to take care of the delivery for you if you'd like as long as it stays local. Shipping options are available to add on to any products if you happen to sell outside our city limits but this is all completely up to you on how local you want to keep your sells.

For QCA Customers this will be a wonderful way to browse and purchase from all sorts of amazing local vendors that sell handmade Jewelry, Vintage, Antiques, Furniture, Home Goods and so much more! This site is excited to be promoting and supporting all local vendors, crafter, suppliers and shops!

As time permits there will be more details are to come! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions you might have.

UPDATES with our building...we are still work in progress we are currently focusing on our workshop area and my office area. We'll then be breaking grounds to our retail space. Look forward to be working with you all in the near future!

Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day! Thanks for checking in!

12 Jul 2024

So, I finally got my hands on a sample of General Finishes Milk Paint. It's not the typical Milk paint that you may be familiar with if you are familiar to Milk paint in that this comes premixed and not in a powder form. It 's acrylic based and created with the same idea in mind as other Chalking Shabby Paints...no priming needed. Let me tell you...I was more than excited when I discovered one of my paint samples was a Lamp Black. I had been itching to get my hands on some black paint for a while and although not my first choice in color really wanted to give it a try. I always start with baby steps so I started out with our wood tv stand and then onto our antique child desk shown below.

Photo: Busy night finishing up a school typography desk. Used my sample General Finishes paint and my silhouette cameo to cut out a stencil for the top. Now to decide to distress this or leave it alone.

Let me start off by saying as much as I dislike their labeling...I LOVE this paint. It is so silky smooth and glides on with such ease. The most amazing find about this paint is that it dries smooth where you don't see a single brush stroke. NOT ONE! So if you are a person where brush strokes drive you batty and you want that clean professional spray look...this is the one for you! I can't say if it's this way with all the colors but it definitely goes with the black. It's almost astonishing how beautifully it goes on. I did notice it does take longer to dry than most other paints that I use which I have a feeling helps with the brush strokes no showing...longer time for them to settle out just like with oil paints is my guess. I want to say that it is also a much smoother consistency and reminds me a lot of working with a stain gel. As for the consistency was the coverage was excellent which surprised me. I'm sure some of it has to do with it being black (darker paints have better coverage) but it only took 2 coats to have complete coverage...unlike my runs with the famous ASCP that took me 3 layers and a touch up. I am curious to see if I get the same results using their white.

This is not mine but here is a person that used the lamp black on a dresser make over and turned out beautifully!
Storywood Designs 3 Drawer Painted Dresser www.storywooddesigns.com

Like with most other chalky paints it does require a top coat which I have yet to do on my sample pieces but from what I've discovered their water based top coat gets all great reviews. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

They sent me a flat top coat which is what I would have chosen over their other options. If you know me I'm all about the matte and flat look. The one thing I will say is that if you're looking for the chalky look...this isn't the paint for you. It's a good flat/egg shell finish but you definitely do not get that clay chalky feel of other shabby paints. That isn't to say you aren't able to distress afterwards to still give any pieces a shabby appeal with the use of this paint. It is a milk paint so it is designed to work with Shabby Chic lovers it just doesn't have that thick clay textured appeal that some people strive for on certain pieces is all.

I do HIGHLY recommend this paint for that black pottery barn finish. It all around a wonderful paint and I feel so strongly that I will be carrying this brand for sure for my customers as a must have product paint for furniture refinishing. I see it being a wonderful option to repaint cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. It will easily give you a professional look without the hassle of having to learn technique and sanding between layers which saves a ton of time.

One thing that has to be brought up is the color selection isn't ideal. My secondary color sample they gave me was Royal Purple...and wow is it purple. I have no idea what on earth I would have to paint this with!?! Unlike some other brands where I feel I would literally use ever single color at some point...I would have to say I'd be pretty selective as to what I'd choose with their choices...and even feel I'd need to do some of my own mixing of colors to tone down some of the boldness.

General Finishes milk Paint color options

Another thing I do have to bring up and I did take pictures of this, there was a lot of premixing involved. Even though it comes premixed I still had to spend a good amount of time mixing what was a large settlement of pigment and minerals that had clumped together and formed at the bottom of the can of paint. It did take some time and effort to make sure all of the bottom settlement was broken up and mixed in well to the rest. I'm not sure if this is the norm or if I just had that one can that had been sitting around for a good amount of time possibly years. It's something I'll be asking them when placing my first large order so I can relay it on to my customers.

Other than that it's TERRIFIC and very much recommended to use!

Here's a summary....


  • It's American Made - There's a great story on how they started out here in the states in 1928 on the about us page of their website.
  • Low Oder
  • No Priming Needed
  • Ease of use - Amazingly Smooth to use
  • Incredible smooth finish with no brush strokes
  • Great Matte/Egg shell finish
  • Wonderful Line of colors and wide range of other specialty products and top coats
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Extra time and effort needed to mix in settlement on bottom of can (not really a complaint but something to be noted)
  • Selection of colors isn't as ideal as some other brands where I feel I could use all their colors here I'd have to be more selective.
  • Does not give the true Chalky Clay like look of other shabby paints (which can be a positive depending on preference)
  • Not the nicest labeling (sorry it's my graphic design background...it had to be said but has nothing to do with quality of the paint which is fantastic)
  • Does require that top coat of wax or poly
  • Tends to take a bit longer to dry but still much faster than any oil based paint (which isn't really a factor unless you're impatient like me. :P)

I am curious to test it out on glass and ceramic and look forward to giving my results with those as I have some time to do so in the near future.

Here are some other helpful links in regards to General Finishes Milk Paint and products.

generalfinishes.com/waterbase-finishes-manufacturer-wisconsin - About us page great story on how they all started.

www.storywooddesigns.com  - This blogger post her fave top products and GF are of the top 5 and is listed twice. She also give some great information about the product.

perfectlyimperfectblog.com - Here's a wonderful Shabby Chic Armoire done over with the while GF Milk Paint...it has wonderful details of it's transformation.
See a milk painted armoire at perfectly imperfect.

www.curbly.com - Here's another claim of it being the best furniture paint you've not using...I have to agree!

www.euphemeraldesigns.com - Here is a review you may feel less bias...they like the paint but don't seem as enthusiastic about it as others I've come across but keep in mind they are huge ASCP fans so again it's about preference...these two are in my book completely different styles of paints and should be used for completely specific looks.

www.merrypad.com Here is a review on GF gel stain and to be honest the finish results is much like my results with the black paint very smooth!
Close up on the general finishes gel stain.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on review and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I appreciate any and all feedback and inquires.

12 Jul 2024

Typically Black isn't my first go to color but it doesn't change the fact it's still elegant and timeless. So to help convince me to use it on something I went to pinterest to help get me inspired.

I decided I don't use enough black. I have seen it on Pinterest countless times, these wonderful black painted distressed pieces but until now have not found anything I wanted painted black. However, my small interest to use black paint grew to the point I knew I had to finally make myself buy some. So it was last Friday I finally did and I guess I really must have put out into the universe that I wanted black paint because when I got home I had received my long awaited General Finishes Paint Samples and one of the colors was a black. I decided from there it was meant to be and so it was on! I think I would have dropped everything right then and there to start painting if I could have. But held it off until the next day. Here is also my review on my General Finishes Milk Paint sample.

To get me warmed up I started with some Mason Jars with an awesome bright aqua color I picked from Home Depot while there to getting my Black Paint. Now enough of my ramblings...here are some of the images that helped me get back to work.

Black Headboard


Black Buffet
I do have to say I do like the original look to this. I'm often a wood person but the wood on this is beautiful. I would also love this buffet in white as much as I like that black.

Black Dresser

You have to check this one out. She did here entire office made over with painted black furniture and it all turned out ubber cute.

I have a few desks and I'd love to try something like this to one of them.

This was credited to: DIYCrafts.com

retro Dresser

Destressed Black Dresser

Big Dresser

End table




Simple desk

I hope some of these inspire you as they did me. Black is still not my favorite color for furniture but it remains a color that will still be the best option for decor and specific pieces.

12 Jul 2024

As I promised here is a list of Chalk Paint Recipes along with my absolute favorite and why. Who knew there would be such a difference...but there really is. You can try them all yourself or simply take my word for it.

I will tell you that I've only tried a couple of options but I did a lot of research online and when I tried it the second time around I knew it was it. I'll be hard pressed to want to try anything else. To be honest until I came across the Farmhouse Paint...I didn't like anything else out there. The famous Annie Sloan Paint I had spent a $100 on 5 small tester sizes to find out that I didn't like the coverage nearly as much as my homemade option. I even like the finishing texture better...it feels a bit rough but can always be sanded to a smooth silky finish.

These are the most popular ones I have found...the first two I have not tried yet myself but will only to be able to add my personal thoughts to these mixes.

Unsanded Grout...I've heard that the grout can be a bit pricey if you are looking to just purchase this to make paint with. It seems it's best if you already have this stuff at home. However it can be found at any hardware store. If you live out of town a ways...there's always online. Biggest downside to this is having to wait and you'll also have to pay for shipping of course.

Here is a blog that is utilizing this recipe using Martha Steward Paint along with before and afters used on a bar stool: http://www.momtastic.com/diy/172917-diy-chalk-qstyleq-paint/

Pink Chalk Painted Bar stool with Unsanded Grout

Here's something that would be readily available and would be a common house hold item that most anyone would have. I have yet to try it...I've read people using this option had great results. Best part is it's super inexpensive and probably the least expensive out of all the options.

Here's a blog that shows a dresser being made over using the baking soda recipe. I think it's lovely and makes me want to this option out for myself very soon!

This was the first recipe I used as I was learning about Chalky Paint. I had nothing else to go by other than standard latex paint and primer. I did notice when mixed with primer it gets to be too thick and hard to mix. You will also want to mix the water and grout together first and then add the paint last. I immediately stopped using this option when I read that the particles from sanding this option is toxic and not something you want to inhale. I wish I would have known this before I had started on my first project where I had sanded down quite a bit. Oh boy. Live and learn. It only has #2 because it's only the second option I have tried out. I did learn Chalky Painting using this but once I discovered this last option I never went back.

Here's a wonderful tutorial that shows step by step details making and using this recipe. Check out the pictured tutorial here: http://www.iheartnaptime.net/chalk-paint/
how to make chalk paint

Here's another blog that has more than one make over done with the Plaster of Paris Recipe: http://www.isavea2z.com/homemade-chalk-paint/

Use homemade Chalk Paint to paint furniture the easy way!

By Far my favorite option and I've said it before...love this one more than Annie Sloan. Not because it's cheaper but because I love the texture and coverage of this. I can pretty much get something painted with 1 coat and a touch up layer. It's that good. I also cheat this recipe and add more of the calcium then what is directed...and like with my cooking I never measure anything. I do notice with my mixture the dried texture of the paint is rougher than paint alone but is easily fixed with a quick sand down with fine grid paper.

Here is a blog post that shows a couple of examples and the results of using my fave recipe: http://www.cedarhillfarmhouse.com/2012/01/homemade-chalk-paint-without-tears.html

This is a project I did using this recipe of course you can see details on this project and it's before and after here: http://moorerefine.com/logo/item/86-small-white-shabby-chic-table

There are several reviews on recipes that I have found that were very helpful to me. One main source is http://salvagedinspirations.com/best-homemade-chalk-paint-recipes/. She has a wonderful blog that is full of amazing tutorial on painting.

Here is another blog post and a variation of the recipes that I have listed and is actually a combination of the Plaster of Paris and Calcium Carbonate. http://inmyownstyle.com/diy-chalk-paint-recipes She also has some great visuals of her results using each one found here: http://inmyownstyle.com/diy-chalk-paint-recipes

Here is another resource with same or similar recipes along with her opinions on each one: http://howtodistressfurniture.net/how-to-make-chalk-paint-2

A very detailed blog post...homemade vs. branded: http://amyscraftbucket.blogspot.com/2013/06/chalk-paint-wars-calcium-carbonate-vs.html

12 Jul 2024

Moore Refine, LLP goes to great lengths looking for one of a kind pieces to be restored. We look for things that are well made, have character and a charming redeeming quality and we are happy to snatch them up and bring them home with us to be refined to make new again if need be. You might be surprised as to what we find as treasures so give us a try. We'll even pick it up.

Here is a list of what we typically look for.

  • Armiores
  • Hutches
  • Buffets
  • Dressers
  • Antique Sofas & Chairs
  • Dinning Tables & Chairs
  • End Tables/Night Stands
  • Chairs & Ottamans
  • Bed Frames
  • Book Shelves
  • Old light fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Lamps (i love lamp) Hehe!
  • Old Ladders
  • Old Pictures, Frames & Vintage Books
  • Old Windows & Doors
  • Old Suit Cases
  • and More!
  • Know we are always on the prowl for new/old items! Keep in mind we like Antique and vintage items however they do not always have to be antiques...as long as they have good bones to them that can be restored to be new again.
  • Simply email us your pictures and a fair price and we'll let you know if you've got a pieces we want to bring home with us.

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